Peace Lily Yellow Leaves Problem – 8 Reasons And Solutions

The peace lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii) seems to be a beautiful indoor flower that thrives under low light. Everything typically reaches a height of three to four feet (31 cm – 1 m.). It produces delicate white blooms with a lovely aroma that remains for an extended period.

On the other hand, Peace lilies may have browning as well as yellowing foliage. Review to find out what causes the peace lily leaves to turn yellow and how to save a dying peace lily?

Spathiphyllum peace lilies seem to be very attractive houseplants. Hardly unexpected, considering their beautiful white blossoms and minimal light requirements.

A novice houseplant lover may cultivate this peace lily. however, that doesn’t imply you won’t encounter problems. For example, they regard water drama queens as fainting. Moreover, simply droop plant leaves quickly even though humidity levels fall too low.

Why my peace lily is leaves turning brown tips:

lily leaves turning yellow and brown

Brown tips on peace lily and spider plant seem to be the most prevalent issue. Spathiphyllum appears to be more susceptible to acquiring this problem. Also which would be unfortunate since it affects their beauty.

Brown tips on a peace lily are not usually causing alarm mainly if they affect several older leaves. However, it might indicate that anything is ailing your plant, so let’s look further into various reasons.

Water from the tap:

Whether your Peace lily in water includes chlorine/chloramines, seems to be tough. Moreover, is even just in bad condition, several of your houseplants will suffer more often than others. The peace lily is one species that appears to be more susceptible to issues. To avoid mineral buildup, clean the soil using filtered water regularly.

Peace lily fertilizer destroys:

Overfertilization may create brown tips on a peace lily. Although identical to what occurs when sodium and chloride ions from tap water pile up. The remedy is just the same: use distilled water to flush. Remember to stop fertilizing over the winter!

Natural leaf substitute:

The leaves just at the base of your plant would gradually Lily leaves turning yellow and brown as well as drop off, beginning well with tips. If that’s not occurring at such an alarming pace. So your plant simply no longer requires them!

Excessive and under-watering peace lily:

These usually lead to the loss of whole leaves. they indeed link to brown tips on peace lily. Examine to see if the soil becomes too wet or just too dry. The peace lily is wilting: Whenever your peace lily starts wilting, congratulations. you’ve just learned why all these plants are usually known as drama queens! Once they’re dehydrated, they’ll let you understand. therefore offer your peace lily a drink and enjoy it brighten right back.

So what if you recently irrigated it and it’s still wilting?

 It almost always indicates that water is not accessing the roots for any reason:

The dirt compress:

Whether this occurs, water does not enter the roots. Instead, it runs over the borders of such pot and then out the drainage opening. Enrich the soil of your houseplants on a regular schedule. simply carefully loosening as well as prodding it all with a wooden stick.

You’ve started watering peace lily too much:

Overwatered peace lily may induce under watering signs! If soil is wet yet the plant seems wilting. you must remove this and act quickly. Its root systems might well be decaying. So it renders them unable to absorb water. It must remove all rotten pieces!

You just replanted peace lily:

Although if we take peace lily care yellow leaves, repotting houseplants damages the sensitive hair roots. Following Peace lily yellow leaves after repotting, your peace lily may wilt for such a time while this concentrates on roots rather than leaves.

It might also drop just several leaves that become yellow and brown. Replanting should be done in fall season so its root establish before the season come that’s Why You Should Do Your Spring Planting In The Fall to get the plant root to be establish.

The leaves of the peace lily are turning black:

peace lily yellow leaves brown spots

Leaf charring: Even though most houseplants could tolerate the same or more sunlight because you can provide them inside.

So peace lilies were some of the most finicky. They like a beam of the sun, although direct sunlight could be too much for them, mainly if they did not acclimate.

There should be nothing you could do if the peace lily was burnt and had black as well as wilted brown leaves. Change it to a greater light level relatively progressively the following time. Also wait for that new green foliage to sprout.

Exposure of peace lily to cold cause yellow leaves:

On the opposite end of that scale, peace lily leaves appear black if exposed to high cold. It may occur whether your plant seems to be near a poorly ventilated window or even if you leave it outdoors for an extended period during the autumn season. Cold may kill a whole plant through one night, and even if that’s almost dead, offer your peace lily an opportunity. Please put it in a hot, bright location, and keep the soil mildly wet to observe whether any new shoots appear.

Underwatering peace lily:

Our beloved peace lily’s leaves went partly extremely dark brown-black after such an under watering event with such a plant sitter (mixed with yellow). When you’ve seen wilting, though, and have just not watered in such a long or regularly. it’s most likely what occurred.

Fungus/bacterial disease on peace lily:

However, an infection may infiltrate the soil surrounding your peace lily when you acquire it. Conditions that cause damage are often related to overwatering.  Leaves may become black and develop black patches, which pair with fading. Such is traditional, eliminate any infected leaves and stems and repot over dry soil. Throughout this situation, you may wish to apply a pesticide well.

peace lily care yellow leaves

Able to diagnose the source of yellow leaves on the Peace Lily requires some understanding. However, the solutions are typically straightforward.

Please go through the various reasons to assist you in figuring out what might be wrong with your Peace Lily and how to cure it.

1. Aging Leaves – A Common Cause of Yellow Peace Lily Leaves

We need to get among the most prevalent non-issues out of the way first. For Peace Lilies, leaves gradually become yellow and finally dry up after falling off.

You may remove leaves whenever they begin to yellow as well as fade, but this is not an indication of such a problem. Using sterile pruning shears, remove the leaves from the stem base.

2. Lack of watering causes yellowing lily leaves

Overwatered peace lily seems to be the most prevalent cause of yellowing peace lily leaves, even though it is one of the main complaints concerning houseplant maintenance overall.

Overwatering may be induced by supplying excessive water or growing your peace lily in what seems like a container with insufficient drainage as well as improperly draining garden soil.

These cause the roots to become submerged in water, inhibiting oxygen supply to such roots, therefore, causing root rot.

The ideal option seems to be to avoid anything in the first situation by just watering the peace lily whenever it requires it, instead of regularly. 

Repot whenever required with a more delicate mixture that retains water. However, it drains smoothly. Organic mixtures are indeed a great option. Choose this fully prepared organic garden soil if you want the potting mixture ideal for your peace lily.

It’s perfect for a variety of indoor plants, especially peace lilies. It is something I’ve used several times with fantastic success.

Ensure that their pot includes good drainage such that water does not provide a pool just at the bottom of the bucket. Whenever you ever experience this issue, allow the roots to dry out before rewatering to prevent root rot and fungus.

Observe delicate Peace Lilies prefer wet soil; however, wait till the topmost half-plant of the soil is completely dry for rewatering.

3. Submergence

yellow leaf peace lily

Peace Lilies seem to be excellent starting plants since they express by wilting whenever they need water. It might be frightening to find your favorite tropical flowers fallen over their pots, so they’ll return to life after such a cool sip as well as therefore don’t remain engaged.

As provided as your Peace Lilies don’t always go prolonged lacking water, they must be all right. It’s not ideal for them, although their water issues are typically more severe than frequent wilting.

Furthermore, depriving them of water on such a regular schedule and allowing them to fall over for an extended time might harm the plant, leading to yellowing peace lily leaves.

The treatment is to develop a good water balance. Whereas if plants seem to be in direct sunlight or are left outside in hot weather, they will need additional watering. The plants seem incredibly accommodating if you make a mistake: pluck the broken leaves and start again.

4. water quality for peace lily:

Although still not fragile, Peace Lilies may be susceptible to chlorine, which could also result in yellow leaves on the peace lilies, especially when your water supply is excessively mineralized.

Allowing the water to mature up overnight is an excellent habit for just about any houseplant. It will enable the chlorine gas to escape, preventing the roots from being burned.

When you are concerned with the quality of the distilled water, use rainwater, purified water, preferably filtered water for the peace lilies.

Pro tip: Just several sprays of affordable aquarium dechlorinator works wonderfully for eliminating chlorine from tap water, as well as you won’t just let the water soak overnight.

5. Lighting Problems in peace lily:

plant in proper light

Another favorable position is growing sensitivity for low light. Because its native habitat is in forest undergrowth, it also prefers shade. Also, among the few, houseplants can thrive in low-light conditions.

They require some illumination. Even so, photosynthesis seems to be what also provides its wonderful green hue, so in the dark, their leaves would become yellow or Peace Lily pale leaves.

Except for excesses, the only actual consequence of poor lighting seems to be Peace lily yellow leaves no flowers: the leaves stay fresh as well as green.

If the light becomes too bright, the leaves of the Peace Lily will become yellow, especially the scorching direct sun may burn them, leaving brown blotches or streaks. It may improve each of these circumstances by limiting the light or transferring it to a shady location.

6. Problems with humidity or wind

Peace Lilies can withstand temperatures ranging between 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit so that they can live with us inside. Hopefully, you’ll understand why the plant’s leaves became yellow due to temperature fluctuations.

They despise cold draughts; therefore, putting them on a chilly porch might result in yellow leaf peace lily—or damage. They cannot tolerate temperatures below 45°F. In that situation, the remedy is to relocate them to such a draft-free peace lily yellow leaves brown spots inside their acceptable temperature region.

7. Yellow Leaves on Peace Lily Plants Can Occur Terms Of Nutrient Insufficiency

Although plants would not need significant Peace lily fertilizer, Peace Lilies still require nourishment. Whenever they may not have enough nitrogen, their leaves turn yellow, like every other plant.

Magnesium and iron shortages are typically straightforward to detect: whether they are deficient in either, the leaves would turn yellow, whereas the veins would remain peace lily flowers turning green. Be cautious because excessive light may also produce this coloring sequence, so be sure you’ve discovered the exact source.

The most straightforward method to maintain Peace Lilies healthily would be to pot them in soil samples because they offer combined nutrients and sufficient drainage.

You may also feed them a regulated, water-soluble Peace lily fertilizer maybe once every month throughout the growing season.

Consider taking caution not to overfertilize your plant since this would be more harmful than under-fertilizing. Just that little makes a significant way. To avoid overfertilization, I usually only ever use twice the suggested dosage on the houseplant Peace lily fertilizer package.

8. Repotting / Transplant Shock

repotting peace lily

This easy plant will not usually make such a fuss out of repotting and transplantation, but it would be a jolt to their mechanism that might result throughout yellow leaves.

Attempt to report them mostly in spring, just at the commencement of their growing season. It should allow your plant more than enough opportunity to develop itself in its new container. They would also survive becoming root-bound pretty well but don’t ever hurry to pot the peace lily.

Whenever your peace lily produces yellow leaves within a week of repotting, wait or a little longer as well as gentle peace lily care. It should shortly sprout new green growth.

Consider for many other probable explanations whereas if yellowing persists or fresh leaves do not appear soon. Peace Lilies do not pout for prolonged.

9. Pests on peace lily cause yellow leaves:

Further advantage of Peace Lilies is that they should not encourage pests, as do certain ornamentals. Assuming you help them survive, they could typically tackle the bugs independently.

They are not impervious if you notice evidence indicates insect life that’s not difficult to remedy. Aphids, as well as mealybugs, seem to be significant pests.

You may also acquire spider mites should you don’t drink sufficiently. Even when you notice yellow leaves following bug infestations, the creatures will probably have established colonies in which you can identify. There are also predators like squirrels that cause yellow leaves by chewing leaves tops.

Trying to wipe the leaves seems to be a simple essential remedy that generally addresses the issue. It may use pesticide soap spray to treat particularly persistent infestations. Begin with a mild combination and if necessary work your way up.

10. Disease cause peace lily yellow leaves:

We’re keeping the worst out of last when there are no effective treatments for such Peace Lilies’ two primary illnesses, Cylindrocladium spathyphylli as well as Phytophthora parasitic fungus. These are soil-borne organisms that may damage the roots of Peace Lilies.

The most excellent cure is preventative since if you’ve already noticed yellow leaves for such a reason, it’s too late. These infections are less capable of spreading or developing themselves when you allow the soil to dries out among the waterings and sanitize your instruments before contacting the plant or even its soil.

General Guidelines for Managing Yellowing Peace Lily Leaves

peace lilies green leaves

 Here are some helpful ways for dealing with yellow leaves on your Peace Lily.

  • Don’t dispose of the plant! Because these plants start growing new leaves rapidly, yellow leaves could be immediately replaced by better and healthier Peace lily leaves turning light green leaves again when the problem is resolved.
  • Make a decision. Delay seems to be a terrible option. Hardly any of the options are harsh or demanding. Therefore, curing yellow leaves on your peace lily will not jeopardize your plant.
  • Take out any yellow leaves. They will not look green once more, so remove them now. Yellow leaves have permanently been damaged and therefore can lead to more problems.
  • Sanitize your gardening equipment to prevent the spread of certain pests and diseases that may be present. First, wash away any dirt. Yet another simple approach would be to dip or clean them in 70% isopropyl alcohol and allow them to dry. Lysol and other household disinfectants are also effective.
  • Once you’ve identified and managed the difficulties, keep a keen watch on the plant till it begins to regenerate new leaves. Peace lilies seem to be resilient and, therefore, should recover fast. However, you really would like to ensure that your efforts remedied the problem. Reexamine your circumstances if the plant does not display new growth within several months. It could be many things!

Peace lily blossoms are fading:

peace lilies fading

Although you purchased your peace lily again for beautiful white blossoms, it might be a letdown once they begin to fade. It’s also alarming! Fortunately, throughout most situations, they will return after a short period. So here is what could be happening:

You recently purchased your plant: Peace lily blossoms fading after purchase (within several weeks) are usually not a reason for worry. Plants dislike relocation; therefore, your peace lily may be losing its blossoms to concentrate on adapting.

The blooming period ends: While most indoor plants would not have a specific flowering season, many Spathiphyllum begin to bloom mostly in spring and potentially even in the autumn. It’s also usual for peace lily blossoms to die throughout the winter, and you might have to wait until next summer for any of them to bloom again.


Peace Lilies are lovely since they like our surroundings and don’t take very little negligence. Their primary vulnerabilities are too strong sunlight and an abundance of Peace lily in water. Avoid these issues, and your peace lily would repay you by appearing beautiful in your household.

It could simply be due to age whenever you come across some few yellow leaves. Review our process to ensure nothing is ever amiss. Such low-light champs aren’t depressed because they’ve lost a few leaves. Provide them little attention, and they’ll bloom back even more potent than ever before!

We’ve developed a comprehensive peace lily maintenance guideline to teach you all you need to understand about growing bright and healthy peace lily plants. Thank you for reading this essay, as well as we hope you can say goodbye to yellowing peace lily leaves for good. Finally, don’t be too concerned should your plant die. Peace flowers are inexpensive, so at the very minimum, you learn anything.

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